George St. Pierre Manages to Catch Braulio Estima in a Kimura During a Training Session from 2011

Granted, they were training and the roll lacked the intensity of, say, Mundials. Still, it’s quite the feat on St. Pierre’s part. Both legends were well-aware the cameras were rolling. Maybe not on the level of the Mendes Bros (some of you know what I’m talking about) but it had to have some effect on their level of intensity.

The roll starts out friendly enough on the feet. Both St. Pierre and Estima focus on only takedowns. It’s clear that this is St. Pierre’s domain of expertise. About four minutes into the vid though, the ground karate finally begins.

Braulio snags a fantastic omoplata as George tries to pass his guard. The ADCC champ then transitions beautifully to side control. George manages to reverse the position with a combination of finesse and brutal strength. Braulio recovers guard, kicks out to a sprawl, and catches the UFC champ in a beautiful anaconda choke.

The fighters reset in Braulio’s guard. Once again, Braulio manages to catch George in a kimura from the defensive position.

In the third roll, George shifts gears and turns on the jets. He dives into a textbook longstep pass over Braulio’s butterfly guard and immediately gets side control. Braulio reverses the position with some wizardry and George ends up playing guard. Braulio finally passes with what appears to be some kind of folding pass and ends up in mount. George escapes to half-guard, snags a kimura grip, reverses Braulio and finishes the submission as Braulio grunts in obvious discomfort.

The fourth and final roll has Braulio cranking up the intensity in his own right. He passes George’s guard with seemingly little effort and catches the UFC legend in an arm triangle with relative ease in under thirty seconds.

Check out the vid below. Yes, George caught him but it’s quite evident that Braulio’s pure BJJ skills are on another level. Of course, the Octagon would be another matter:

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