A Quick Review of Paul Schreiner’s Precise Pressure Passing Tutorial

I purchased Paul Schreiner’s Precise Pressure Passing tutorial from Digitsu on a bit of a whim this Cyber Monday. I’d heard great things about the instructional and it only cost $18. At that price it was hard to pass up.

For those who don’t know, Schreiner is a storied coach with an encyclopedic knowledge of BJJ. He’s taught at Marcelo Garcia’s gym in New York City for close to a decade and has contributed a great deal to that gym’s success over the years.

Perhaps the best thing I’ve gleaned so far from Shreiner’s tutorial is his attention to detail regarding the application of pressure. He doesn’t gloss over it with tired euphemisms or generalities. Instead, he breaks it down each and every time he demonstrates a pass.

I really appreciate his almost dry, intellectual approach to teaching (especially when juxtaposed with the obvious suffering on his demonstration partner’s face). He’s deliberate and articulate in his explanations. Too often, these types of instructionals are done off the cuff and end up with a lot of weird rambling. Thankfully, Shreiner is almost academic in his approach to teaching.

The one disappointment I had with Precise Pressure Passing was the lack of any knee shield passes. There are a handful of half-guard and butterfly passes, but none that address the knee shield – perhaps the most annoying guard for me to pass, especially when I’m gassed.

So far, a lot of Schreiner’s instructions complement what I’ve learned from my own coaches including a recent seminar I took with John Oauno on passing the half-guard. With that in mind, I would say that his instructional is best suited for those who already have some working knowledge of pressure passing and can implement such passes in their game with some success. This instructional seems to function best as a way to hone and refine one’s pressure passing rather than as an introduction to it.

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